"Brother song, you dare to be distracted when you fight against Shi. It seems that you have no plan On that night, almost all the officials of the holy capital couldn't eat any more. They looked a Seeing the peak, the pole finally stopped and asked nervously, staring at the huge and ferocious hun "As long as you are upright and upright, are you still afraid of the people of the Commission for Di She has been cheated. She wants to go back to the capital and be with his Highness the king of Qin. "Well, be cruel. If you dare to break the oath, you will have to give birth to eighteen fat boys to Carlos, as the chief of staff, said, "judging from the current situation of our troops, how can we s In this rebellion, he actually couldn't find an opponent, and his iron fist could not be settled "This wood carving, brought by Raji to the God's burial ground, came from a space gap." Although he had been in Longzhong for more than one year, he had no intention to enter the court. Nevertheless, the casualties are still considerable. People over there can also get absolute biyou from tianwu, and they need to pay extra. "The second question. What is the state of Xuanli?" I put down my telescope and patted the messenger on the shoulder. "I just don't know, is it a prosperous time... Or a troubled time?" He said with a smile, "friend binglian, may your skill be taught to me?" As the general and Deputy General of the Lintao army, they suddenly faced each other head to head, a "Yang Kai, you have absorbed the most starlight. How much of the power in your body has changed now?

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